Adult Deed Poll Service

Legally change your name by Deed Poll (Change of name Deed)

To do an adult deed poll, you must do any one of following actions:

  • Use official forms. You have to do this in case you want your name to be put on official register. This is termed “enrolled”. This is done by enrolling documents at Royal Courts of Justice. Your name will be on the public record thereafter.
  • Use our services to make a deed poll.

Again, if you wish to change the name of your child, different rules apply.


What is a Deed Poll?

A deed poll is a written legal document (signed in the presence of a witness) that signifies a person’s consent to three important declarations.

These declarations include the abandonment of the former name of the person and the use of a new name for all future documents, records, salutations and correspondences.

The polls trace back to the mid-19th Century when they were first used in the U.K. for a declaring a change of name.

Why Choose Deed Poll LTD?

Professionally Drafted

Each Deed Poll & Certified copy is hand drafted by a Paralegal with years experience and knowledge.

Free Standard Delivery

Every order comes with Free Standard Royal Mail delivery.

Acceptance Guarantee

We guarantee that all Deed Polls we provide will be accepted by the UK Government, Passport Office, Banks & the DVLA.

No Solicitor Required

You do not need your Deed Poll signed or drafted by a Solicitor for it to be Legally binding.
This is stated on the UK Gov website.

Save Money

By using one of our Deed Poll services our customer typically save between £40 – £60 with both Solicitors and our competitors.

Fast Service

All Deed Polls are drafted the same working day and dispatched by Royal Mail delivery, which is free of charge.

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Who Accepts our Deed Poll's?

All our deed polls — adult, child and replacement — are recognized throughout the U.K.
When you receive a deed poll with us, we will send you a complete guide containing the information you need to understand and execute your legal change of name.


UK Government

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Passport Office




University / Schools

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HM Land Registry

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Revenue & Customs


Insurance Company