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Under the British Law of Contract 1872, a contract can only be legally enforced if it involves two competent parties who have consented to the stipulations. A deed poll is not a contract as it concerns only one person. However, it is still legally enforceable and binding upon the parties signing and consenting to it. offers a detailed insight as to the definition, applicability, eligibility and uses of such polls:


What is a Deed Poll?

A deed poll acts as a legally applicable and binding contract that is signed by one person (being an individual or an organisation) in the presence of a witness. For UK residents, the witness can be any individual aged 18 years or above. British living overseas, however, are required to appoint a lawyer or a notary public as a witness. The deed poll contractually and legally binds the person to act in accordance with the provisions, as stated in writing on a Deed Poll document.


What is a Deed Poll for?

Deed polls are drafted, signed, attested and implemented for a wide variety of both individual and commercial uses. The most common use of a deed poll is to signify a change of name for the individual or the company. The deed poll not only recognises a change of name for the person, but also acts as an application on their behalf to have all their documents and records changed to their new names. Such deed polls are also referred to as the Deed of Change of Name.


How does a Deed Poll work?

The deed poll for a change of name by the person must contain three declarations. Once the poll has been signed, dated, stamped and duly verified by a witness, the signee is expected to act in accordance with the declarations stated in the deed. These declarations state that the person has signified their consent to:


Abandoning the use of their former name for all practical purposes

Using a new name, as stated in the deed, for all future written and oral correspondences

Being referred to by their new name by all other persons


What is the Eligibility for Deed Poll Applications?

According to the U.K. Government laws, anyone can opt to change their name by means of a written deed poll. This includes people with criminal records, asylum seekers, undischarged bankrupts and any other individual aged above 16.


Why Choose

Deed polls offered by  offer an immediate effective date of implementation and are applicable prospectively. Despite being an English document, our deed polls are recognised all across the United Kingdom government departments and their agencies, companies and firms and other organisations. In addition, the deed polls are binding upon all British Embassies and High Commissions all across the globe.

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