Purpose of a Deed Poll

Purpose of a Deed Poll

“Transitioning to a New Identity”

For all practical purposes, a Deed Poll is a legal document that allows you to change your name and to have all your official records and documents changed accordingly. These include,


UK Passport

Bank Account(s)

Driving License

Medical Records

Credit Cards; and

Any other document with your name on it

Power of a Deed Poll

A written and duly signed Deed Poll is prima facie evidence that you have changed your name. It acts as documentary evidence that your application for a change of name has been accepted by the U.K. Government and is binding upon all parties. A Deed Poll allows you to prove to all record holders that:


Your name has been changed

You shall be referred and addressed to with your new name

All records in your former name shall be revised to your new name by all record holders


Working of a Deed Poll

In principle, a Deed Poll works in a manner similar to a marriage certificate for a woman who wants to assume her husband’s surname in her name. She sends a written request to all those who hold a record of her (office, hospitals, banks and others), along with a copy of the marriage certificate requesting that her surname be changed to that of her husband’s.

Similarly, when you change your name with the help of a Deed Poll, the poll itself acts as evidence that your name has been changed. You may then write to all your record holders, enclosing a copy of the signed Deed Poll, requesting them to update all your records with your new name. Such an order is binding upon all parties by U.K. laws.

Value of a Deed Poll

It is worth mentioning that a Deed Poll is an important document and must be kept safe at all times. In the event you need to prove to any legal authority or a third party that your name has been changed, your Deed Poll is the only document needed.

Whether you are getting married or applying for a passport after a change of name, your Deed Poll and birth certificate are the only two documents that affirm your existence. Deedpoll.org.uk offers a backup service in the form of Legal Copy and Archive. We retain a copy of your Deed Poll in the event you lose or misplace your original Deed Poll. Just give us a call and we’ll send a copy to your address, without you having the need to apply for a fresh Deed Poll.

Limitations for Deed Poll

A Deed Poll entitles you to:

Change your first name, middle name and/or last name

Add a new name

Rearrange your existing name

Remove any word from your existing name

Add a new word or an initial to your existing name


Note: You may change your name through a Deed Poll at any time, provided that such a change of name is not done to defraud another or to avoid a legal or a contractual obligation.

Who Can Apply for a Deed Poll?

A Deed Poll can be applied by any British citizen 16 years or above of age, regardless of his/her geographic location and country of residence. Such a Poll can also be sought by any individual, regardless of his/her nationality, residing in the U.K.

Foreign nationals in the U.K, however, need to contact their country’s high commission or embassy in London to verify if such a Deed Poll will be accepted by their embassy so as to change their passport accordingly. Deed Polls are acceptable in all countries with British laws.

Why Choose DeedPoll.org.uk?

Deedpoll.org.uk offers complete and comprehensive Deed Poll packs that contain a list of companies, government departments and other organizations and agencies that you will need to notify for a change in your name.

We offer a step-by-step guidance that tells you on how to apply for a Deed Poll and what you need to do to avail such a Poll. In addition, we offer a sample cover letter which you can fill and send along with a copy of your Deed Poll to all concerned parties and request them to update your records accordingly. We also provide Deed Poll backup services.


Deed Poll cannot be used to change any historical records. These include your birth certificates, educational degrees and diplomas, decree absolutes and marriage/civil partnership agreements.

To learn more on Deed Polls and how to change your historical records, please feel free to contact us!


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