Time Taken to change name by Deed Poll

Time Taken to change name by Deed Poll

 “A Step-by-Step Guide to Deed Poll”

Applying for a Deed Poll for changing your name is easy. An application made with deedpoll.org.uk is the first step. With our advanced processing capabilities and our premium one-hour service, you can avail your complete Deed Poll documentation within one hour of application.

 The whole process of changing your name, however, can take up to two weeks sometimes longer depending how long passports and drivers licence companies get back to you after sending the certificates . This is primarily because the process does not end with getting a Deed Poll. You have to notify all your record holders (companies, firms and government departments) that your name has been changed and send them a copy of your Deed Poll.

 When availing a Deed Poll or a Child Deed Poll, a two-step process is involved. The overall speed of processing and time taken to process a Deed Poll depends upon two factors:

The mode of application (and the service delivery requested)

The time taken to notify all the record holders of the change in your name


Application for Deed Poll

The first step towards Deed Poll is deciding the manner and mode of application. You can apply via post, telephone or in person. Deedpoll.org.uk offers online application facility that is safe, efficient and reliable. Once the application form has been completed, you can choose from two different postal delivery options.

For urgency, you can opt for our Express Service – which uses Royal Mail’s Special Delivery Service. Otherwise, you can use our Standard Service that takes up to four working days for delivery. If you want to apply in person, we provide a Premium one-hour-wait service.

For U.K. nationals living abroad, we offer three overseas delivery options. The fastest delivery option is via FedEx’s International Policy service (for delivery in US and Canada within the next day). To learn more on our delivery options, please contact us.

For Children

If you are applying for a Deed Poll for your child of whom you do not have the sole parental responsibility, then we require a letter of consent for the change of the child’s name, duly signed by every individual in charge of parental responsibility. The document can be faxed, posted or scanned and emailed to us. To learn more on how to change your child’s name with deedpoll.org.uk, please click here.

Notifying the Change in Name

Once you receive your Deed Poll documents, you must execute it. This means signing and dating the document in the presence of an independent witness, such as a friend, work colleague, a neighbour or (in some cases) a solicitor. We provide set of instructions with your Deed Poll, stating all formalities that must be complied with to put the Poll into effect.

Once the Deed Poll has been signed, you can then send it to all your record holders to get your documents and records changed in your new name. This includes driving license, medical records, passports, tax registration details, bank accounts and insurance records.

Typically, the process of communicating the change of name to all record holders and having your records changed in your new name takes about three to eight weeks. At deedpoll.org.uk, we provide a complete list of record holders who you should communicate your change of name to.

Effective Date

Your name is legally considered to be changed once you have used your Deed Poll to upgrade a majority of your documents and records to your new name. Mere possession of a Deed Poll is insufficient.

Passport Upgrade

After availing your Deed Poll, changing your passport to include your new name is the only additional expense you have to bear. The fee for a new British passport is currently £46 for a 5-year and £72.50 for a 10-year child passport. This is why it is a good idea to wait for your passport to expire before applying for a change of name.

When you apply for a change of name with the passport office, the authorities allow you a nine-month time period on your new passport towards any unused time on your current passport, in excess of the nine-months. This means that if your current passport has two years remaining before expiry and you apply for a Deed Poll, you can avail new passport with a 10-year and 9-month validity period.

 To learn more on the time period to process a Deed Poll application and who to notify, please feel free to contact us!


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