Changing Your Name by Deed Poll

 “Deed Poll: A Guide”

Applying for a deed poll is very simple. The first step is to submit your application on Our advanced processing and express service will allow you to complete your deed poll documentation within 60 minutes.

 However, the process of changing your name can take 14 days or longer, depending on how soon the driving licence and passport organisations respond to you after you submit the proper certificates. The process does not end with your receiving a deed poll. You must notify all firms, government entities and companies of your name change by submitting a copy of your deed poll.

 For both children and adults, a two-step process is required to secure a deed poll. The processing speed of your or your child’s deed poll depends on the following factors:

1. The application mode and requested delivery

2. The time it takes you to inform record holders of your change of name

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Your Deed Poll Application

When seeking a deed poll, you must first select your mode and manner of application. You can apply for your deed poll by telephone, by post or in person. offers a secure, reliable application platform. You can choose either Express Service or Standard Service when selecting the delivery of your deed poll.

Express Service uses Royal Mail’s Special Delivery Service, and is best in urgent cases. Our Standard Service takes up to four business days. Apply in person to enjoy our premium 60-minute wait service.

We offer three international delivery options for citizens of the U.K. living abroad. For expedited delivery in the U.S. and Canada, FedEx’s International Policy Service is ideal. Please contact us for more information on the delivery options from which to choose.

Applying for Your Child

If you do not have sole custody of the child for whom you are seeking a deed poll, you must submit a letter of consent signed by every adult with parental responsibility in order to legally change the child’s name. You may send the letter of consent to us by post, by fax or by email. Click here to learn more about changing your child’s name with us.

Communicating the Change of Name

You must execute your deed poll after you receive the documentation. To do so, sign and date the document in the presence of a friend, colleague, neighbor, solicitor or any independent witness. When you receive your deed poll, you will find instructions with additional information on how to implement the name change.

After you sign the deed poll, you can submit it to your record holders to have all documentation and records changed to your new name. Such documentation and records include: medical records, tax registration information, passport and driving licence information, insurance records and bank information.

In most cases, it takes three to eight weeks to have your records changed to your new name. We offer a list of record holders whom you must inform of your change of name.

The Effective Date of Your Deed Poll

Your name will not be legally changed until you have received your deed poll, notified all record holders of your change of name and changed your documentation and records to reflect your new name.

Upgrading Your Passport

After you receive your deed poll, the only additional expense is the cost of updating your passport. You might consider waiting for your passport to expire before you apply for a change of name, as the current fees for a British passport are £46 for a 5-year child’s passport and £72.50 for a 10-year adult passport.

Note that when you apply for a change of name with the passport office, officials give you an additional nine months on your new passport to compensate for any time left on your old passport. For example, if your passport will expire in 3 years and you apply for a deed poll, your new passport will be valid for 10 years and 9 months.

Click here for more information on processing your deed poll application and updating your records.

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Who Accepts our Deed Poll's?

All our deed polls — adult, child and replacement — are recognized throughout the U.K.
When you receive a deed poll with us, we will send you a complete guide containing the information you need to understand and execute your legal change of name.


UK Government

DVLA uk-government-accepted



Passport Office




University / Schools

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HM Land Registry

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Revenue & Customs


Insurance Company