UK Deed Poll Service

UK Deed Poll Service

If you want to change your or your child’s legal name, you may require a “deed poll”. This comes in useful when you want to change your official documents like driving license or passport.

Get deed poll

A deed poll can be described as a legal document which proves you have changed your name. You can decide to change part of your name, remove or add names and hyphens. You can also change the spelling. We will charge a nominal fee to do the needful. Please note that you should be 18 years or above to be eligible for a deed poll.
If you want to change the name of your child, a few extra rules apply.

You must be 18 or over to – Apply Here make a deed poll

There are extra rules about – Apply Here changing a child’s name

Marriage or Civil Partnership

You do not have to do a deed poll if you want to take the surname of your partner. Just make a copy of your marriage certificate copy or civil partnership certificate and send the document to record holders. The record holders in this case will be your benefits office. Contact us to update your documents.

Divorce or Ending Civil Partnership

You can revert to the name you originally had by showing the concerned record holders any one of these two:

  • Marriage certificate along with decree absolute.
  • Final order and the civil partnership certificate.

If you do not do a deed poll, there is a possibility that a few organizations will not revert your existing name to the original one. There is no necessity for the consent of your husband.

Adult Deed Poll and its Preparation

To do an adult deed poll, you must do any one of following actions:

  • Use official forms. You have to do this in case you want your name to be put on official register. This is termed “enrolled”. This is done by enrolling documents at Royal Courts of Justice. Your name will be on the public record thereafter.
  • Use our services to make a deed poll.

Again, if you wish to change the name of your child, different rules apply.

Enrolled Deed Polls

These documents are under the regulatory oversight of The Enrolment of Deeds (Change of Name) Regulations 1994. These regulations state out the procedure which British citizens and Commonwealth citizens must follow in case they wish to enroll their deed poll. This procedure involves an executed deed poll conducted in prescribed form. The form must be submitted to Royal Courts of Justice with:

  • ¬†Your (if you are the applicant) birth, naturalization or adoption certificate.
  • If you are married, your certificate of marriage.
  • If you are married, a letter from your spouse consenting to change of name.
  • A statutory declaration by a Commonwealth or British citizen admitting to know you (the applicant) for a period of minimum 10 years. The concerned citizen must also own properties in Britain.
  • You must give a notice for London Gazette newspaper.
  • Payment of the requisite fee.

How to Change the Name of Your Child

This procedure is to be done if your child is under 18 years of age. Individuals below this age are termed “minors”. You need any one of the two documents:

  • Agreement of every individual entrusted with parental responsibility.
  • The applicable court order.

Note that you must try to make an agreement prior to seeking a court order.

We will provide you all the documents and forms to change the name of your child. A nominal fee will be charged for this action. At UK Deed Poll Service, we can help you to get that applicable court order. Fees are charged for this action.

If your application is successful, then details of the concerned name change are subsequently published in either London or Belfast Gazette newspaper. The published information must include the new name of the applicant, the former name of the applicant and also the residential address. Identical information is published in the website maintained by the Gazette. The document of deed poll is subsequently stamped by court and then posted to applicant. It could then be utilized to get that person’s records and documents to change to new name.

Rock Solid Guarantee

As the principal issuer of documentation related to deed polls in the United Kingdom, our deed polls will be accepted by each and every UK Government departments, organizations and companies. This will help you to obtain all official records and documents changed to the new name. The new name will be reflected in your passport, credit cards, bank, National Insurance records and banks.

However, if you wish to obtained the Enrolled Deed Poll available through the Ministry of Justice of the government, please note that we are not affiliated to this service. You should use our services for a number of reasons:

If you live in the United Kingdom, you can apply. This can be done regardless of your country of birth and nationality. If you are a British citizen living in a foreign land, you can apply as well.

We do not need any other person for your identity confirmation. There is no need to go after someone who has known you for a minimum of 10 years. That individual must also own UK property.

Your deed poll document will be posted to your address as soon as possible-in the same day you apply for our acclaimed soonest working day delivery. Fee is much lower for comparable services.

Our services are simple and quick and it is possible for you to apply in four ways.

  • You can make an application through post.
  • You can apply online or by phone. If you select this option, the deed poll documentation will be delivered to your door through your own choice of delivery service.


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